Release 0.0.2
Changes (8/01/2022):

  • Mobile Friendly - data entry now capable across the whole site
  • Export Drug Tests and Payments to CSV
  • More Resident Metrics:
    • Veteran Status (optional)
    • Formerly Incarcerated (optional)
    • Homeless (optional)
  • More Discharge Metrics:
    • Forced Discharge vs. Left Voluntarily (optional)
  • New views:
    • Changed appearance to M.A.S.H Status (checkmark)
    • Adding and Updating Residents now 3 screens one after another
    • Changes to Activity and Tasks - Residents Screen table
    • Changes to Prior Residents - Table has added "Discharge Category"
  • Added "Passed w/ RX" Drug Test result option

Release 0.0.3
Changes (9/01/2022):

  • Ability to switch residents from one property to another
  • Ability to unarchive prior residents (bring back to active resident list)
    • Add a new admission date
    • Option to automatically add archive details as a note
      • Original admission date
      • Discharge date
      • Discharge reason
      • Discharge category
  • Enhanced Reporting Module (with Graphs)
    • Payments
    • Occupancy

Release 0.0.4
Changes (10/12/2022):

  • Optional Input for Resident Birthday
  • Birthday (gift icon) on the resident list, when a resident has a birthday within 2 weeks

Release 0.0.5
Changes (12/09/2023):

  • Added a section for rent accruals, within Accounting Module (owner view)
    • Calculates the rent amount owed per resident given inputs:
      • Admission date
      • Current date
      • Rent amount
      • Rent Frequency
  • Bug Fix to the reporting section within the Accounting Module (owner view)

Release 0.0.6
Changes (2/01/2022):

  • Introducing meCovery!
    • meCovery is an optional, yet tremendous addition to our platform. Admin users can now allow residents access to a sober tracking app. Residents can also add an average cost associated with their former addiction and sum up how much money they have saved from being sober. Residents can view in real-time their payments logged, and drug test results (less any notes).

      • Optional resident log-in
      • Track sobriety in real-time: count days, hours, minutes, and seconds since sobriety
      • Stay motivated with a money-saved calculator
      • View payment receipts
      • View drug test results

Release 0.0.7
Changes (3/27/2023):

  • Custom Resident Fields
    • Now application owners have access to a setting Module. This means owner users can add custom fields for residents, both active and prior. For example, if your house has internal ID numbers, add an ID number for each resident.

      • Limit and grant read/write permissions across custom resident fields.
      • Add up to 12 fields, edit and delete as needed.

Release 1.0.0 (Major Release)
Changes (12/05/2023):

  • Resident Profile Pictures
    • Owners can access and enable, or disable, resident profile pictures via the settings module.

      • Take a picture directly on your phone, upload it from a camera roll, or upload it from your computer.
      • This feature's default is on, if you want no profile picture option across your company, an owner can disable it in settings.
  • Rent Accrual & Balance per resident
    • On the resident summary tab, you can now view if a resident is past due on rent.

      • Calculate the number of rent periods since the admission date.
      • Calculate current rent cost per period (daily, weekly, or monthly).
      • Calculate the total rent owed.
      • Calculate the total rent paid (using the payments entered).
      • Calculate the resident's rent balance.

Release 1.1.0
Changes (5/04/2024):

  • Bug Fix - Custom Fields
    • Custom Fields were displayed improperly and inaccessible to House Managers and Admin roles.

      • Managers and Admin can now edit and view custom fields based on permissions.
      • Use the "edit resident" button and follow the prompts to access the custom fields.

Release 1.2.0
Changes (6/06/2024):

  • Bug Fix - Time Zones
    • Refactoring time zones to automatically connect to the client's computer upon login.

  • Updates to the homepage.