Rest assured, your data is in good hands
Privacy, Security, & HIPPA Best Practices

We pay for top of the line database management, perform routine audits, and maintain HIPPA best practices

Database Security

  • Our database is hosted on the HIPPA Compliant Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud servers
  • Your data is protected with preconfigured security features for authentication, authorization, & encryption.
  • Nightly snapshots create a database backup
  • Data is encrypted at rest at the disk level
  • End-to-End Encryption (TLS)
  • Client-side field-level encryption
  • Always-on authentication
  • Monitoring and alerting
  • Database backups are automatic, on a consistent schedule and retention cycle
Best Practises & Standards

  • We use the elliptic curve digital signature algorithm (ECDSA) (256 Bit) related to cryptography operations
  • Transmitted data is encrypted using strong TLS ciphers
  • Security patching is performed on a routine basis
  • Internal audits are performed on a schedule
  • HIPPA best practices guided the development of our application
  • A source of truth, granting and limiting access and permissions across your company's data is key to maintaining PHI security
  • Access to the application is granted to one super user, and access levels are granted via super user authority
  • Super user has access to remove and add users, set permissions and view who has logged into their company application in real time
  • Permissions and restrictions are granted on a per user basis
  • Timed automatic logout sessions
These are some of our security features, but not all-encompassing.



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